About me

My name is Christoph Nicolaisen and like many of my coaching clients I, too, come from the creative sector. Working worldwide as a director of photography for over 25 years, I had to re-invent myself on every job I worked. Every project needed a totally new visual concept; I was always confronted with new people, new teams, and a completely new environment. So I had to be imaginative to adapt to the circumstances, act decisively in dealing with the different tasks, and remain calm and creative in stressful settings. What I learned is how different we all are and at the same time, how similar when it comes to use our structures and potentials to the fullest.

As a coach, I have spent the past few years working with people who want to change their professional perspective. All of these people had very personal ways of reaching their goals, and what makes coaching so interesting for me is that it feels like deep down they all actually already knew what they wanted to do, as if all they had to do was unearth it.

My work is based on the principles of systemic coaching. Briefly said, if we start to change (our own “system”) all the other systems will change accordingly.