Christoph Nicolaisen
Life and Business Coach

Life coach with versatile experience.

My name is Christoph Nicolaisen. For over 30 years of my life, I worked internationally as a cinematographer. I shot films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials in 70 different countries. One of my films even won an Oscar.

I have lived in Canada, the USA, South Africa, and my native Germany. I understand very well what it takes to shift one’s perspective and adapt to new circumstances.

I know a lot about changing perspectives.

What fascinated me about the profession of a cinematographer was that I got to create something new every day. Each project presented a visually challenging task, a completely different team, and entirely new circumstances. I had to quickly adapt to vastly different situations and remain calm under a lot of stress, time pressure, and huge expectations – all the while ensuring inspiring creative input and high level of professionalism. I use all of this experience today while developing different coaching strategies and finding efficient and nuanced solutions.

Certified coach since 2017: Here’s how I work

My work is based on the principles of systemic coaching: an scientifically tested approach I learned in my certified coaching training and specialized educational courses. It’s a method I have been successfully applying for several years now.

Systemic coaching is founded on the understanding that positive change works only when we start by changing our own behavior – and that to do that, we must first understand why we do what we do. By changing our behavior, we inevitably also change how other people and systems react to us: this realization alone is a first – and huge – step forward. That’s how systemic coaching could be described in simple terms. In practice, its tools are complex, versatile, and adaptable to various contexts.